endota adj. (indigenous)
(en-doe-ta) beautiful
And the Girl's Locker Room

endota spa noun. (modern californian)
the fresh, soothing, all-californian body center,
where wellness is the way. flawless workouts. warm
friendly atmosphere. essential oils meandering on
the air. a footbath lapping at your feet. endot-
amazing space for sliding in. and hanging out.(see
also ‘bliss’, ‘sublime’ and ‘great workout')

succulent, stylish and serene, you'll find
California's  Endota Skin and Body Center nestled
in amongst trees in the middle of city life.  

our down to earth service, heavenly all-californian
body treatments, facials, massage, group
workouts, and nutrition coaching.

slip into Endota Skin and Body Therapy Center and
discover a little piece of heaven on earth.
Endota Skin and Body Center
Owner, Teri Whitchurch, health coach, licensed
esthetician,  massage therapist and personal
trainer.  In the industry for more than 15 years,
wanted to bring the spa and fitness experiences
from around the world to Northern California.  

Experiencing new products and services and
doing much research brought the dream of
Endota Skin and Body Therapy Center to Pleasant
Hill, California.  
Feel the Tension Melt
Away Once You Enter
Our Spa...
The Girl's Locker Room @
Endota Body Center